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My name is Brother Keith L. Dickerson, Owner/Manager and Transmission Training Instructor at the Transmission Warehouse. (TW) For over 20-years, I was the owner of Quality Transmission in Suitland, Maryland, located in Prince George’s County. I also live, attended church, raised my family and attended Junior and Senior High Schools in the same neighborhood. In school, I had many learning problems. I could see other young people were having the same problems in the neighborhood. In school I also was into drugs, violence and a lot of misbehaving activities. In 2007 I stared a organization called New Generation Outreach Ministry to start working with the young men in the area.” I had a vision and a calling over 10-years ago to use my God-given gifts and talents to teach the skills and viable trades of the transmission industry to young men and women. I started helping the young people in the neighborhood to learn a trade and the necessary skills. The organization was a 501 C 3 and was receiving donated vehicles to help the program. It was hard to maintain and keep the program going without any support, so I stop training in 2013

In 2014, I move to Waldorf, Maryland and started attending a program called, “Celebrate Recovery.” Later, I started attending “Life Point Church.” This attendance helped me to refocus my life. In 2016 I open up a new business, Transmission Warehouse in Waldorf, Maryland, my life has never been the same and this business is doing very well.  I have almost 40-years of experience in rebuilding transmissions and looking forward in restarting my training classes age this years on how to rebuilding transmissions.  Now I have a car dealership license, and thereby I plan to do the same things I plan to do with the donated vehicles, buy and train the student in the training program, how to repair them and thin sale some to our employees and also sell some of the vehicles to the public. I hope this business will help many people. I plan to again have a program in Prince George’s County to help the young people.